FEG-02 (Foundation Course in English-02) 

FST-1 (Foundation Course in Science &Technology) 

FHD-2 (Foundation course in Hindi-2) 

MSW-009 (Community Organisation Management for Community Development) 

ECO-01 (Business Organisation) 

ECO-07 (Elements of Statistics) 

ECO-09 (Money Banking and Financial Institutions) 

ECO-011 (Elements of Income) 

ECO-13 (Business Environment) 

ECO-14 (Accountancy-II) 

AWR-(H) (Radio Lekhan (Hindi) 

CTE-04 (Teaching English (Elementary School) 

CTE-05 (Teaching English (Secondary School) 

AOM-1 (Office Organisation Management) 

ANC-1 (Nutrition for the community) 

AMT-01 (Teaching of Primary School Mathematics) 

AED-1 (Export Procedures and Documentation)