MS-8 (Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications) 

MS-10 (Organisational Design, Development and Change) 

Human Resource Management 

MS-25 (Managing Change in Organisations) 

MS-27 (Wage and Salary Administration) 

MS-29 (International Human Resource Management) 

Financial Management 

MS-42 (Capital Investment and Financing Decisions) 

MS-44 (Security Analysis and Portfolio Management) 

MS-45 (International Financial Management) 

MS-46 (Management of Financial Services) 

Operations Management 

MS-55 (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) 

MS-58 (Management of R&D and Innovation) 

Marketing Management 

MS-68 (Management of Marketing Communication and Advertising) 

Financial Markets Practice 

MFP-2 (Equity Derivatives) 

MFP-4 (Currency and Debt Markets) 

MFP-5 (Professionals in Financial Markets Practice) 

Compulsory Courses 

MS-95 (Research Methodology for Management Decisions) 

MS-100 (Project Work (equivalent to two courses)) 

No paper

Elective Courses 

MS-94 (Management of New and Small Enterprises) 

MS-96 (Management of New and Small Enterprises) 

MS-97 (Management of New and Small Enterprises)