Master in Computer Application - MCA Question Papers

MCS-011 (Problem Solving and Programming) 

MCS-012 (Computer Organization and Assembly language Programming) 

MCS-014 (Systems Analysis and Design) 

MCSL-016 (Internet Concepts and Web Design) 

MCS-022 (Operating System Concepts and Networking Management) 

MCS-023 (Introduction to Database Management Systems) 

MCS-024 (Object Oriented Technologies and Java Programming) 

MCS-032 (Object Oriented Analysis and Design) 

MCS-042 (Data Communication and Computer Networks) 

MCS-043 (Advanced Database Management Systems) 

MCS-052 (Principles of Management and Information Systems) 

MCSE-003 (Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management) 

MCSP-060 (Project) 

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