MPS-002 (International Relations: Problem & Theory) 

MPS-003 (Management Functions and Behaviour) 

MPS-004 (Comparative Politics: Issues and Trends) 

MPSE-001 (India and the World) 

MPSE-002 (State and Society in Latin America) 

MPSE-003 (Western Political Thought) 

MPSE-004 (Social and Political Thought in Modern India) 

MPSE-005 (State and Society in Africa) 

MPSE-006 (Peace and Conflict Studies) 

MPSE-007 (Social Movement and Politics in India) 

MPSE-008 (State Politics in India) 

MPSE-009 (Canada: Politics and Society) 

MPSE-010 (Dissertation(optional) 

MPSE-011 (The European Vision in World Affairs) 

MPSE-012 (State and Society in Australia) 

MPSE-013 (Australia�s Foreign Policy) 

MED-002 (Sustainable Development: issues and Challenges)